Yoga is for everyone.

Yoga isn’t for the flexible.
Or the calm.
Or those in the right clothes.

Yoga is for people. People who do dishes.

Come and practice with me. Come to my teaching space, East Street Yoga Center, have a private class with me, or come for a special workshop. Sharing what I’ve been learning for more than thirty five years is one of the greatest joys of my life.

I tell my students, if you are breathing, you can practice yoga. I’ve been honored to teach some who are paralyzed from the waist down and those in the dementia wing of a nursing home. It’s also been my privilege to teach varsity athletes, school-aged children, babies, mothers, men, young adults, seniors and ordinary people who do not feel they “can do yoga.”

I teach yoga because it has changed my life, enriched my life and given me the single greatest tool I’ve ever been given for living.

That’s because yoga is a practice for the WHOLE person. It serves the needs of the body, the needs of the heart, the needs of the mind and the needs of the soul. And it does it all at the same time! It’s the perfect practice for people who want to multi-task! 😉 You get exercise, worship, therapy, inspiration, meditation, relaxation and transformation in one class. That’s a well spent $15.

If yoga doesn’t help us to live the lives we are living better, it’s not worth the organic cotton yoga pants we wear to it.

Yoga IS for laundry. It’s for domestic disputes. It’s for terrible days at work. It’s for heartbreak. It’s for joy. 

It’s for a healthier experience of being alive: body, heart, mind and soul. No part left out.

Try a two minute class with me.

Of all the yoga teachers I’ve had, Sam is by far the most special and unique teacher of all. She has an amazing way with words that tells you exactly what to do with your body. Every class is a joy. I have loved every single class I have ever attended with her and none has ever been the same, which is just amazing to me that she always finds something new to share with her students. I have always been amazed at how she can teach beginners and yoga instructors in the same space, elevating the experience for all. Her classes have made me laugh, cry, and gain a sense of serenity that is difficult to ever find in every day life. Sam has truly enriched my life beyond measure. She will always be with me.

“every class is a joy”

I loved Sam’s yoga classes and only wish our schedules meshed so I could continue studying yoga with her. I’ve enjoyed her style of yoga – combining spirituality with breathing and physical poses. Classes were very calming and helped with my physical and mental balance and flexibility. She has been a unique and wonderful teacher with her caring, encouraging, and humorous style – always accepting the limitations of her students.   S

“unique and wonderful”